Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear Mother Nature,

I understand that rain is necessary to keep the natural world all in balance and whatnot. And I like flowers and trees and stuff as much as the next girl (maybe more). But I AM ON A TRAINING PLAN HERE. Like I have a marathon to run in NOT THAT MUCH TIME. So if you could work with me a bit, that would be great.

I was really (actually, miraculously) looking forward to my tempo run on the trail tonight. But you see, you seem to think that we need rain FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS. And that's just not really going to work for me.

I'm willing to cut a, give me a window of about 90 rain-free minutes to work with tonight....I, will refrain from doing the "snow dance" quite so much this winter (I understand that hourly requests for snow might get a little old...).

So, pretty please? An hour or so to run without getting shower-soaked like last Sunday? (Ya, remember that. That was pretty funny Mother Nature....pretty funny how you faked me out like I had a window dry-time and then released the wrath of the heavens on me 1 mile from home....still laughing about that one. Pretty sure you owe me a day of 12" powder and bluebird skies for that.)

Many thanks Mother Nature...and keep up the good work with the garden growing this summer, I'm loving my fresh fruits and veggies!

The Slowest Triathlete

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