Friday, August 21, 2009

And now it starts to get real...

After some convo with my coach, this next four week training block will show a noticeable shift to an emphasis on running. Because, you know, I have this marathon thing...where I have to run 26.2 miles.....

(Apparently I expressed my hatred for running a little too strongly in my athlete survey and he had been hesitant to add too much run mileage into the schedule, ooops. Not so much honestly next time.)

But its all good. I've built a solid base-fitness level, and have managed to stay injury free so far -- a HUGE accomplishment -- so in a way I think the miscommunication worked out for the best. Moving forward there will be no more progression in volume for biking or swimming. Now I'll just be maintaining those efforts and adding volume and intensity to the running.

Did I mention I don't really like running?

I'll only run three days a week, but they are "game face on" serious run sessions. Which is going to be a challenge for me. It's still hard for me to get excited about run workouts. But my fitness level is in a good spot right now, which will help. Getting psyched up to push yourself for a workout is an entirely different (and hopefully more tolerable) mindset than getting psyched up for a workout that's going to hurt because its beyond what your body is presently capable of.

With this shift in emphasis, my personal goal (and let's not share this with my coach) is to get more serious about the strength workouts. They've been on my schedule since day one (supposed to be functional-based, like pilates or yoga), but I've kinda been ignoring them. They're are only so many hours in the day, and when time runs short, those are the workouts that are the easiest to drop.

I did do some core-work after my hills on Tuesday and noticed a significant improvement in the sit-ups and planks. But its time to get more routine about it. Because aside from the marathon business, ski season is coming, and I want to be rockin' the new bikini I just bought when I hit the post-mountain hot tub parties. I mean, a girl's got priorities.

And yes, I'm probably the only girl I know who buys a bikini in the middle of summer with the sole intent being to wear it in the snow. And I'm totally cool with that.

Here's a basic outline of what my weeks look like:

M: swim workout (usually about 1600-1800 yds)
T: strength + hill repeat workout
W: bike (I've been doing around 33 miles, will probably drop to 20)
Th: easy swim + tempo run w/pick-ups
F: strength
Sa: long run (starting at 1hr 30min and going up from there)
Su: long bike (will probably stay around 33 miles now, under 3 hrs)

Notice there is no mention of laundry. That would be because there is no time for laundry. I have the piles to prove it.

Welcome to marathon training. I'd say I have officially arrived.

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