Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scenes From A Sunday Ride

It was such a perfect day today that I had to drag my I-ran-10-miles-yesterday bricks for legs out for a ride. And because the potential for beautiful days is about to start a sharp declining trend I figured that my favorite bike route had to be on the agenda....the ride to New Glarus.

I'm not sure why I love this ride so much because holy topography is this ride hilly!  But New Glarus is adorable.  And they make doughnuts there.  And beer.  And the views are pretty spectacular.  So what's not to love, really?

Well, I didn't love the giant biker-girl eating dog that chased us down (I have NEVER had a dog chase me with such intensity and so far from home.  We were FREAKING OUT.  Luckily we had been coming down a massive hill and had some speed because this dog was coming at us like a heat-seeking missile.  The beast even crossed a major county road and then continued to tear down the road we had turned onto to come after us.  Talk about an adrenaline rush.)....but other than that, beautiful day on the bike!

Here we are, parked and ready to head into the bakery.  Apparently they have meat in New Glarus too.  Ruefs here claims to be the "Bratwurst Headquarters".  Lots of "wurst", some made with "Spotted Cow" (that's beer, in case you're not a local).  Gotta love Wisconsin.

And I think my bike made a friend....awww.

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Dano said...

Wisconsin weather and beauty have been *ideal* lately.
This weekend, some cows started galloping as I biked by, that was cool, too. Cows like bikes.