Monday, August 24, 2009

The Vegas Challenge

I'm still not sure exactly how it happened, but I can say that cocktails were definitely being consumed poolside when the challenge got thrown down. Which, as you can imagine, may have a tendency to make goals seem much more achievable than they may really be.

Regardless, its out there now. The challenge to lose 10 pounds by November 1st -- race day.

The reward, should we both hit the goal -- a girl's trip to Vegas.

Now, I've never been to Vegas. I've never even wanted to go to Vegas. So why would that motivate me? Because even though there are just two of us in the challenge, the reward trip is very likely to include quite a few of our friends. Which means it is likely to get planned even if one of us doesn't make the goal. And as I learned in North Carolina a few weeks ago, I actually enjoy lounging in the sun all day and partying it up in the evenings -- at least for a day or two. And I'm pretty sure that's what Vegas is all about.

So I want in! Let the Vegas Challenge begin!

And now the deconstruction, and self-doubt ensues....
I'm pretty fit right now. I have lost about 4 pounds over the past few weeks. Not a lot, but I think there's more going on than just dropping 4 lbs of fat. That is to say, things are, um...firming up around here. Pants are fitting better. Booties are lookin' cuter. Arms are less flaptastic. You know, a lot more positive stuff than the scale can measure. A different kind of change than if I had just cut my calories and walked around the block a couple times.

And while there is certainly still more that could be done -- TEN POUNDS IS A LOT. And I need to eat to be able to work out at the level I need to. So this is going to be an interesting balancing act.

Therefore, I have developed a very technical, highly scientific approach to The Vegas Challenge that will nearly guarantee success: DON'T EAT CRAP

No, really. I truly believe that if I stick to the marathon training plan and concentrate on simply making healthy food choices, I can do this pretty easily. And I think it breaks down to a few simple rules:

-eat lots of fruits and veggies
-enjoy tastes of calorie dense foods - (i.e. lay off the alfredo, practice portion control!)
-stay hydrated

I'm debating about whether I'm even going to track what I eat. I might try for a few days, but realistically the last thing I need right now is something else to keep track of.

So the challenge begins. Ten pounds to go and ten weeks to get there.  We shall see.....

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keybe said...

re: the "eat lots of fruits and veggies goal" - it's easier to keep track of if you number it, like 5 veg and 2 fruit/day or something. It can be hard to quantify "lots" and checking off your 5f/v will go along way to feeling like you're meeting your goals. Speaking from personal experience, anyway.