Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gear Report: New Bike Rack -- Saris Thelma

I'd like you to meet Thelma.  The latest in my collection of "triathlon stuff I bought instead of buying cute shoes."  I've had the car a year, it was time for a proper rack.  Which meant buying a hitch for the car -- the most un-glamourous $200 ever spent -- but in the end it was all worth it.  No more putting the seats down and shoving the bike in the back.  The back of my back seat is much happier.  There's more room for people and stuff.  And I'm spending less time trying to degrease beige leather every couple weeks.
The only downside....doesn't work with the Trek TTX frame (tried it with a friend's).  So no sexy new tri bike for me....at least until I can afford the new tri bike AND a new rack.  Which is not happening anytime soon (Snow's comin'. I've got lift tickets to buy!)

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