Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not Fast

I'm not fast. And I'm OK with that... sort-of. I like to blame genetics for my lack of speed, but I'm thinking it might have a little more to do with my aversion to any sort of actual training.

I'm trying to change that in 2008.

The training part, not necessarily the fast part. Though I think with some training I might inadvertently get faster.

The thing I despise about training is not what you would expect. I love to sweat. I love to move and be active. I like riding my bike, and water, and I don't entirely hate running. What I hate about "training" is the numbers.

It seems that when one is on any sort of training plan there are all these numbers to worry about. How many miles do I need to go.... What speed should I be going.... What's my heart rate.... Is my pace too slow.... If runner A left the start line at 6:15pm and she's traveling at a pace of.....well, you get the picture. It's like a never-ending 5th grade math story problem.

It kinda sucks all the fun out of it.

I'd rather be thinking about what a beautiful day it is. Or how lucky I am to be out there. Or the latest social escapades of whoever I'm working out with that day.

But here I am, looking at the start of another tri season. Another calendar that finds itself full of race commitments even before the snow's done flying (much less melted). And a training plan. An actual training plan.

And so starts another adventure.

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Laura said...

I was thinking the exact same thing (RE: the numbers) while we were spinning last night when she was talking about Watts and science. I was thinking "damn, I just want to ride my bike! I know when I'm pushing myself!" ha :)