Monday, January 21, 2008

Brightening up the blog might have to wait

I've been thinking the blog looks a little could use a splash of photography to brighten it up a bit. But I'm not really up for trying to bring my camera to cycle class at the gym. And the view from the treadmill...not so exciting. That leaves swimming, but no one needs to see swimming pictures of Wisconsin residents in the dead of winter. And looks like this outside --

So I guess pictures are just something that will have to wait for a bit. But soon there will be great pictures from spring bike rides that look like this --

I can hardly wait!

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Laura said...

I'm not sure if that last picture makes me want to scream, cry or jump for joy at that thought of all this crap melting one day and stuff growing in true beauty.

Okay the work outs in the gym are going okay, but oh how I ache to have the sun on my back and the sweat dripping on my bike. :)

I purposely swam in the sunny lane this a.m.... it helped a bit!