Friday, January 18, 2008

Its not about the scale

Up TWO pounds? What??

Just to set the record straight -- I am not on a diet plan, I am on a training plan.

But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping (or even trying) to drop a few pounds. If nothing else, just to lessen the strain on joints and maybe...just maybe....make me a little faster. I've been carrying around a couple extra pounds of "holiday treats" in the new year and it would be nice drop the extra baggage.

And even though I haven't been trying to lose, I'm not eating any differently than I had been since the binge-fest between Christmas and New Year's ended. So why did the scale inexplicably jump two pounds this morning? Just to frustrate me? To punish me a bit for taking yesterday off?

I'm going with the theory (based only very loosely, and probably inaccurately, on science of any kind) that because I didn't workout yesterday, I didn't sweat, and am thereby retaining all the sweat that I am used to releasing during daily exercise.

Ya, that sounds good.

So I will probably be sweating double then when i run today.

Ya, double sweat. Two pounds of sweat probably...well four when you count today's sweat too. maybe if I do tomorrow's workout today....well, err...I'm sure the math breaks down there somewhere. Didn't I say there were too many numbers in this sport?

Anyway, I'm guessing its water retention of some sort...probably for muscle repair or some such thing. But I'm going to start keeping tabs on the wacky scale, and probably my nutrition too.

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Laura said...

Throw away the scale! ;)