Friday, October 30, 2009

New York City Marathon Expo I am in New York City.  About to run a marathon.


In between the waves of panic, I've managed to hold it together pretty well so far -- even at the expo, where the sight of 45000 other hardbody athletes usually induces both awe and fear of being left behind in a cloud of dust at the start line.  My superstar local host strategically got me to the expo early, when there was no waiting.  As we were leaving, the line to get in was out the door.  NOT how you want to spend your time.  Scored some sweet (yet totally overpriced) gear, but still need to get nutrition -- no Hammer Fuels at the expo?!  Darn sponsorship restrictions, probably.

Is it just me or are race expos not what they used to be?  I have fond memories of race bags loaded up with swag.  Of wandering the isles and having to turn down all the free samples being offered up.  But those days are over.  My race bag came with two pens, a bottle of water, and a bad of almonds.  And there were no freebies to be found among the booths.  Total let down.

On a positive note though, the race shirts are pretty sweet.  And I somehow managed to get two of them?!

I've been chugging water since my arrival.  I'm eating healthy thanks to Amy's culinary skills.  My "cheering section" is on a bus up to NYC from DC as I write this.  So I'd say things are going pretty well.  If we could just get those showers out of the forecast for Sunday...all would pretty much be right with my world.  

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