Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Tomorrow is the last big mileage race before the marathon, and even though I've been traipsing around the mountains of Colorado for the past week, I feel ready.  Unexpectedly ready.  And I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

Part of me thinks I should be feeling tired and maxed-out heading into the taper, not feeling rested for my last long run.  So I'm starting to panic a little.  Were all those epic drives too much rest for the legs?  Should I have made more of an effort to squeeze workouts into already jam-packed days, sleep deprivation aside?

But the truth is, its a little late for "what ifs."  Now's more of a time for "let's use these red blood cells you've been making at 8000' to hammer this half!"

So that's the plan.  Smash-fest.  I'm hoping to beat my PR.  And I'm saying it out loud.  I mean business.  I'm planning to start with the pace group that's 10 minutes faster than my previous half marathon PR and see if I can hang on.  This could be a set-up for epic racing or epic failure.  Guess I'll find out tomorrow.


ssjd411 said...

you will rock it! Enjoy the extra RBC'S!!!!!!

Laura said...

Good luck. Thinking about you. Way to put it out there!!!