Thursday, June 5, 2008

Which leg is going to fall off first?

Injury update:

Left knee, used to cause tear-inducing pain when biking anything remotely resembling a hill -- got bike re-fitted by someone who actually knows something after attempting to make some adjustments myself and the pain is noticeably diminished. Hasn't disappeared, but significantly better. So nice.

Right hip, used to be annoying on runs and bother me for a few days to a week after -- pain has now progressed down leg and is causing pain in upper hamstring down the back of my leg and major pain in quad around the front of my leg. Odd, and becoming quite annoying. I thought it would go away. Got somewhat better late in the week after the half marathon (though I was under the influence of mass quantities of Ibuprofen and that may have impaired my judgement) then got bad again after the sprint tri. I haven't run in 6 days and its still pretty painful. Tried massage -- unaffected.

So ya, I'd put bets on the right leg falling off first. Unless there are man-eating fish in the Verona quarry or Lake which case, I guess any of my limbs are fair game.

And yes, I'm sure thinking about the man-eating fish potential is really going to help my mental game with regard to swimming. Yup, sure of it.

Other incidental injuries....

Bee sting is still red and kind-of itchy. Looks like big ugly zit on the side of my neck. Not very attractive.

And I'm sporting some awesome leg bruises after last weekends race. I have no idea where they come from but if I were going to throw out some accusations I think the most likely culprit is my bike pedals. They're sneaky little snipers.

So ya, I'm feeling like hot stuff these days. Limping around in pain with my bruised up legs and my inflamed neck. H-O-T. I don't know why more people don't get into this triathlon thing?

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