Sunday, June 1, 2008

tri girl vs nature

So after the half marathon last weekend, pretty much all I think about is eating and sleeping. Either of which I will happily do at any given moment. With sleep being the hardest to actually indulge in to the extent it seems I would like to.

The weather must have sensed I was feeling a little sluggish lately so it perked up and provided me with two beautiful sunny 70-degree days. I met up with Chrissy (another of my freakishly fast friends) for a nice little ride Saturday. She was fresh off a 3:30 marathon so I figured she'd be easier to keep up with.

We covered 40 beautiful country miles in some crazy wind (like 25mph, and I'm not exaggerating -- big thanks to you mother nature...ever hear of 'recovery time'?). I probably should have gone out and added on 10 more miles, but I kind-of figured the wind added enough of an extra challenge for the day. And my legs were screaming for mercy up the last big hill (did I mention this was not exactly a flat ride either) so I called 40 a done day. Besides, I had a bee sting to attend to. ;) I hate it when those little buggers crash into you. I am not a windshield. It hurts. There's nature, showin' me who's boss again.

So I let mother nature take this round seeing as how I was still feelin' the half mary in the legs and I figured I might need to leave something in the tank for the first tri of the season Sunday morning.

That would be mother nature 2, tri girl -10 (for those 10 miles of road not covered). Just in case you're keeping score.....

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