Thursday, May 29, 2008

It better rain

I had planned to bike to work today, but then those pesky meteorologists said it was going to rain this afternoon. They better be right. I get annoyed when I change workout plans around the weather and the weather doesn't follow through. I want to see some torrential downpours. The radar looks promising so we'll see.

I skipped my swim last night because I was wiped by 8:30pm. The thought of driving to the gym (20 minutes), swimming for an hour, and then driving back was more than I could mentally wrap my brain around last night. So I skipped it and went to bed early. Sometimes I feel that sleep and workouts hold equal value in the training plan and this was one of those occasions.

Tonight I'll be hitting the trainer (because its going to rain cats and dogs like the weather-people say) and watching a few movies I picked up at the library yesterday. After that, I might even be able to motivate myself to the gym for a swim. I really need to. I haven't been in the water in quite a while and I've got a race this weekend. First tri of the season. Should be interesting.

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