Monday, May 5, 2008

And just when you thought you were having a bad day...

This is what greeted me after work tonight.

Ten days the little guy has to wear that. Its breaking my heart. What have I been complaining about? He has been truckin' around the house bumpin' into things...getting stuck on the carpet....getting stuck on the stairs.... So I'm just going to stop complaining and get over myself now before someone makes me wear a cone on my head. Tomorrow's workouts will be running, fuzion, and swimming....all cone free. :) No excuses.....really.


twiceknit said...

awww, poor thing! What did he do to deserve that?

keybe said...

As I already said, at least his haircut looks great!

And by the way, about your spiraling week...wanna compare notes? I've got a few for you.