Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Commuting by bicycle -- the best multi-tasking EVER

I biked to work today. 11 miles into the wind at 6am and it was fantastic. Seriously. I was more excited about biking today than I have been in a very, very long time. I even took the long way home, for nearly 30 wonderful miles of two-wheeled commuter bliss.

The way I see it I got two hours of workout for the price of one. And I'm liking that math.

My bicycle commuting adventure was just what I needed to get myself out of this workout rut I've been having. I didn't even let the jackass that honked at me for sharing his lane get me down. (he was probably just jealous that my commute was costing me ZERO dollars and I was getting my workout in....)

You know how you drive by those people out running or biking while you're on your way to work. They're usually standing at an intersection patiently waiting for the cars to whiz by. They're fit. They look a little intense yet they seem to be an odd mix of relaxed, happy, and energetic. Like they're just dialed in to all their senses and enjoying every minute of life right there in front of you. And just for a minute you are wishing you were them. Just for a minute you wish that you hadn't hit snooze this morning instead of heading out for that run. Just for a minute you wish you had earned that blissful moment of endorphin-induced euphoria.

Well this morning I was that person. And it really was that great.

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twiceknit said...

I'm so impressed. It also boggles my mind that you can ride 30 miles and it doesn't take a week. That seems so far!