Saturday, May 24, 2008

I can't run, I have nothing to wear

I'm all about gear. I've got piles of it. Unfortunately, most of it revolves around cold-weather activities. I realized this when I was seeing weather reports for race day that said temps would be in the 80s.

Nuts. I don't have a wardrobe for that. More specifically, I hate every single pair of shorts in my workout wardrobe right now. EVERY pair. I was really hoping I could wear pants. (pants also help cover the "magic knee tape"...more on that in another post)

I can't tell if I'm secretly dreading this race and trying to find excuses to not toe the start line, or if it really is time to buy some new running shorts. The two pairs I have were purchased the year I ran my first marathon....2001. That was a while ago. And I didn't like them then, i just needed them.

Is it just me or do shorts pretty much suck in general? I have yet to find a truly flattering pair of shorts for any use, workout or otherwise.

So I went to Dicks...mostly because I happened to be over there and I was thinking well I might as well try to find I tried on some shorts. I hated all those too. But I did end up getting a new shirt. Its pink -- because pink still makes me feel cute even when I'm sweating and disgusting. Maybe everyone will be so distracted by my cute new shirt tomorrow that they won't pay any attention to my ugly, ill-fitting, ancient shorts.

Or maybe I'll wear pants afterall. I'll just sweat a little more. I can deal with that.

....see how hard this working out stuff is.....

(in reality i realize NO ONE cares what you are wearing when you race....but its a mental game with me, and i swear if i feel cute i run faster)

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Jay said...

I also have a hard time finding shorts I love. Right now I have one pair. One. I've been to Dicks as well--I think I hated everything there as well.

So it ain't just the girls who have a hard time with it. : )