Monday, December 15, 2008

You've got mail

I love mail. Especially when it comes in box form. And especially boxes that contain gear. Look what the friendly UPS person brought me today. Brand spankin' new trail runners. Love them. Supportive, stable, yet surprisingly cushioned. Perfectly sized. Oh, and did I mention they are waterproof. Oh yeah. Gore-tex. Bring it on winter. These puppies are gonna cut through sidewalk crud like my sweet K2's cut through the spring slush on the last run of the day. No need to join a gym now.

In fact, I kinda justified my purchase based on the fact that I got them for about the cost of one month of a gym membership. Wouldn't you rather have new gear and the opportunity for fresh air over a previously sweated-on treadmill? I would.

And I should be able to pair them up with my gaiters for snowshoeing in the mountains. Hmmm.....mountains.....that makes me smile. Did you know I leave in less than two weeks? 12 days from now actually. Not that I'm counting.

1 comment:

Laura said...

so now I can harass you about running outside? haha