Monday, December 8, 2008

Had it not been FIVE IN THE MORNING...

I like to think I'm a pretty easy-going girl. But there are things that try my patience just by their nature. The two that come to mind are mornings....and wasting time, especially when this is not by choice but caused by someone else.

I knew this morning would be rough. I don't even try to be a morning person, and my sleep schedule is adjusted accordingly, so I was ready for a little early morning pain on day one of boot camp. Something like jet-lag but without the fun travel part.

The alarm goes off at 4:37am and from there I partake in a series of major accomplishments that get me out the door. You know, big impressive feats like getting my feet on the floor....brushing my teeth.....and finding something to wear.

The bleariness of morning doesn't lend itself to luxuries. Actions become minimized to survival. Roll to the edge of the bed such that you must put your feet down or fall on your face. Fumble for the light. Overcome temporary blindness. Locate clothing. Then water. Food. Car keys.

As I was standing in the dimly lit kitchen contemplating nutrition....seemingly monumental decisions like cereal? or banana?.....I tried to pretend I was traveling....or maybe getting up early to catch the first chair on a powder day. In the dark, your mind can't prove that their aren't mountains out there. Then I daydream a bit about my upcoming trip. That is, after all, why I'm up at this hour.

So in a nutshell...I'm having a pretty successful and tolerable morning.

I pull into the parking lot of the location that was specified on the website's google map. And wait.
I'm about 10 minutes early so I figure, maybe its a small group and they're just running late? I wait some more. I drive down the road wondering if maybe I got the wrong building. No. I'm definitely at the only school on this road. I wait some more. I think about a nap, but decide I don't want to be found frozen to death in my car by a bunch of school kids. About one minute before class is supposed to be starting another girl shows up. We converse a bit about what the deal is and then conclude that we are most definitely at the location on the website map, but either class was cancelled or the map was wrong.

We head off to the only other school I know in the area (not really nearby this was an entry error not a google error) and manage to find where we are supposed to be on the third attempt. 25 minutes after class started.

I could have stayed at that point, but I was annoyed. And if you know me you know I'm not good at hiding my emotions -- annoyance in particular. I tried to be at least pleasant about the mix-up but I didn't think I could put on a happy face for another 30 minutes. And realistically by the time we warmed up we'd have about 5 minutes of workout before the cool down probably started. So it seemed rather pointless to me.

I knew I had a speed workout planned for after work anyway so I went home and enjoyed a nice pre-work latte.

I'll give it another try tomorrow. But it is supposed to snow buckets tonight (6-9 inches by the end of the day tomorrow) so we'll see. I won't be surprised if I end up doing a shoveling workout instead. Ugh. Oh well, the important part is doing something. I'll try not to think about the fact that shoveling is FREE.

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