Thursday, December 11, 2008

Colorado on the brain

Came across this little gem of a mini-ski video today.

I cannot even tell you excited I am to have two whole weeks to play in the mountains. That's many, many chairlifts to ponder life. And many, many hours of driving across Nebraska....uhh, lets not think about that part.

My goal is hit the workouts hard right up until I leave. Then, that drive across middle america isn't just 18 hours of horrible-ness -- its my taper. :) I'd like to think I'll be using the chairlift for solving all life's little problems and not administering Advil.

However, based on how I feel after my first week of "hitting the workouts hard" I think my Colorado scene might look a little more like the crash reel from the filming of Under the Influence.

Actually, right now I feel like I may have been in the crash reel. Ouch. Amazing how a couple boot camp classes can make you feel like you're body's been pummled by an avalanche.

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