Monday, May 31, 2010

What's this thing they call running?

I went for a run today.  Its been so long I almost forgot how.  It was a hot, sunny, windy day in the mountains but I got out there and put in a few pavement miles (4ish, I'm guessing).  And while it all kinda came back to me, it still felt a bit like I was doing it all in slow motion.  I'd like to blame acclimation, but at this point I have to realize.....I'm just out of shape.

Out of shape SUCKS in case you were wondering.

I've been consistent with my workouts this week and I'm hoping that trend continues.  But I do have a busy week ahead, with travel and driving included.  So we'll see.

One thing that's nice is that its pretty easy to be active here.  Just today I walked to work, then home.  Then went on a dog walk with a friend, that turned into my run when she turned back, then I walked into town for a meeting, then ran into a friend on the street while I was walking to the post office and went on an impromptu little walk with her to catch up.  Just 20 minutes or so.  But 20 minutes or so every couple days over a week, or a month adds up to a whole lotta minutes.  Add to that all that commute walking and adds up.  I walk everywhere.  I don't see my car for days.  So even if I'm not getting in true sweat-fest workouts....I'm still staying active, which helps.  Because my off-season laziness is not playing well with jeans these days.  So I hope this pseudo-euro lifestyle pays off like all the research says it will.

In unrelated news, the aspens are finally budding and the new leaves are the coolest shade of green.  Every day I'm reminded in a new way of how beautiful this place is.

Ok, enough blog rambling.  The weekend's over.  I have work to do.  Happy Memorial Day!

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