Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just to rub it in

I can hike to this waterfall in under 10 minutes from my front door.  How cool is that.  I mean, its all uphill....but still, way cool.  I think I will have to go back soon for more pics while the snow is still melting and the waterfall is raging.

In other news, I made oatmeal for breakfast -- from scratch.  Like REAL oatmeal.  And guess what?  Its really not that hard.  I also added ground flax seed and peanut butter.  Yum.

I'm feeling pretty great after yesterday's hike.  My knees were sore and I was honestly a little worried about that.  But I took some Ibuprofen last night and I'm feeling quite awesome today.  I was going to hike this morning but as it turns out I have a whole lotta other stuff to do before work.  So I will hike tomorrow morning.  Lots and lots of hikes around to try.  Lots and lots of pictures to take.  Yay summer in the mountains!


celmore said...

WOW!!! That is so amazing. I am jealous

Laura said...

you know what makes making 'real' oatmeal easier? Soaking it overnight in some milk/water. :) Cuts the cooking time down. Enjoy your hikes girl!!!