Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pre-work workout

So this morning before work I struck out on a little solo adventure.  A new trail, all by my big-girl self.  This particular trail happens to be named after a large furry mammal that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with and I'm not gonna lie -- I was totally pre-occupied with the fact that one of these said mammals might decide to eat me for a mid-morning snack.  Because, ya know, its just my luck.  I can see the headline now -- "silly midwestern girl tries to make it in the mountains, mother nature shows her who's boss."  Bear 1, Midwestern Girl 0.

But I survived.  I even ran part of the trail.  So dare I say this qualified as a TRAIL RUN?  Well, perhaps I shouldn't get carried away.  I did only run the downhill part.

I had to laugh though, just after I started running I came upon a couple making their way up (trail was out and back...all uphill on the way out, all downhill on the way back) and the guy takes one look at me running downhill, smiling, all geared up like the tough mountain girl I am trying to (fake) be....and he says, "impressive."  I chose not to remind him that I was going downhill to his uphill.  I also let him go ahead and just assume that I also ran the uphill portion.  Because I wanted to savor that word for just a few more moments.....impressive.

The whole trail was that, in fact.  Impressive.  Such a beautiful day.  The sun was warm.  I shed my jacket layer immediately.  I had the trail nearly to myself (as nerve wracking as that may have been, it was kinda nice).  The creek raged next to me the whole way, until the trail ended at a spectacular waterfall.  All the while surrounded by beautiful jagged mountains.

I didn't lug my big camera, but I did take the little one and played around with video.  I don't have time right now to try to edit so I'll just post a few snippits and some pics [um, just kidding.  the internet is so slow right now i'm giving up on video.  maybe later.  for now just pics].  Enjoy!

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