Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Devil's Lake: The Colorado of the Midwest

This past weekend I decided that I needed to get out of town and change up the scenery, so I rounded up a friend, a latte, and was off to Devil's Lake State Park. An easy 45 minute drive to a little geologic gem. So close, yet so easy to forget about -- but what a great morning!

We hiked the circumference of the lake, climbing to the top of the bluff on the east side. As we hiked through talus fields along the lake and then scrambled up the granite bluffs through the pines I couldn't help but think it seemed a lot like Colorado. The perfect weather -- 75 and sunny with little humidity -- only adding to that alpine feel.

Just what I needed indeed.

Then to complete the adventure we took the scenic route home through Merrimac to take the ferry across Lake Wisconsin.

We even scored a front row spot on the ferry....which admittedly stressed me out just a tad.

But overall it was just a great little mini-getaway. And it has motivated me to try to get out and discover new great places to run as my mileage picks up over the summer. Because apparently I'm running a marathon this year?!

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Amy said...

Get moving girl! I'll be in town 7/6-7/14 and I plan to log many miles with you that week!