Friday, June 26, 2009

six at six

I ran six miles this 6AM. Yes, you read that right. SIX IN THE MORNING.

No, I'm not on crack. Though crack might have helped.

I generally do not do mornings. But it was either six miles at 6AM with a buddy, or six miles some other time today, alone. I know myself (and my self-motivation abilities) pretty well. It was 6AM or nothing. Or at least not 6 miles. Might have been more like 3 miles at 8PM and then some frozen custard.

So 6AM was good. For a number of reasons. The biggest of which was having someone to share the pain with. Having a running buddy is beyond value. Especially one that pushes you just enough so that you only hate her a little while you are running (because she annoyingly, consistently always faster than you), can get over it quickly (so quickly that you're already thanking her for the run before you're even really done), and have forgotten about hating her altogether by the time she asks you to run again (some form of post-traumatic stress disorder that causes amnesia, no doubt). A relationship like that is truly priceless.

Overall, I have pretty much rocked the workouts this week -- if I do say so. I took Monday off after the race.....I was feeling the race for sure and just couldn't motivate to do much of anything but sit in my air conditioned house, because someone certainly flipped the "ON" switch for summer around here. Tuesday I waited until 9:30pm....when it was a cool (not really) 87 degrees....for my three mile mini suffer-fest. OMG, the humidity.

And then Wednesday....ohhh, Wednesday. Wednesday I biked 16 miles (farther than planned), including two of the biggest hills in SW Wisconsin (not on my original route), in temps hovering around 90 (I was hoping for rain and a cancelled ride). Awesome. When you are trying to be lazy you should not let the "big guns" know where and when you are riding...I'm going to have to remember this. Though, admittedly, the scenery was as amazing as the workout, and I enjoyed the company of some awesome peeps while watching the sun set behind storm clouds from the highest "peaks" for miles.

So ya, when I said tri season started, I actually meant it this time!

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ssjd411 said...

Way to go!!! I know exactly what you mean about a running buddy! I just scored one to train with for the half marathon and marathon!!!! We did a six mile uphill run on wed and I was beaming from ear to ear to have her with me!!!! It takes the pain away when you can chat with someone else!!Have fun training!!!!!