Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Best To-do List Ever

As is customary this time of year, Outside Magazine posted their take on the top skiing destinations in North America. I immediately adopted this as an off-season "to-do" list.

I'm a list maker myself. I really enjoy lists. They keep the chaos in order and my little brain from exploding. Checking things off lists is one of my favorite little joys in life. So I'm pretty excited to get to work on this one.

Top 15
1. Alta/Snowbird, Utah (scheduled, Jan 09)
2. Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia (been there, done that, over it)
3. Vail, Colorado (been there, going again Dec 08)
4. Jackson Hole, Wyoming (been there many times, but may never consider this "done")
5. Snowbasin, Utah (scheduled, Jan 09)
6. Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia (done, may do again March 09)
7. Silverton Mountain, Colorado (uhhh, might need to hold off on this one 'til I gets me some better skilz)
8. Aspen Highlands and Snowmass, Colorado (may be paying them a visit in Jan 09)
9. Squaw Valley, California (I've biked by here....but I guess that doesn't count)
10. Steamboat, Colorado (scheduled, Jan 09)
11. Mammoth, California
12. Telluride, Colorado (hmmm....maybe Jan?)
13. Solitude, Utah (might make the list for Jan 09)
14. Alyeska Resort, Alaska (ya, I WISH!)
15. Taos, New Mexico (New Mexico....really? I've got a few that I think should make the list before this one....but I'll just have to keep them my little secret lest I not be able to have the gondola to myself. on. every. epic. run.)

In case you couldn't tell, I've been frantically plotting ways to spend as many days as possible in the mountains this winter. And I have to say, its going pretty well so far. Right now I'm booked for two weeks in Colorado to ring in 2009, and then I'll be following that up with 5 days in Utah later in January.

Now....all that's left is to get my lazy off-season booty into mountain-girl shape. I see a lot of lunges in my future....perhaps I should just forgo the office chair and do squats and wall sits all day? I think Bode used to put one of his friends in a wheelbarrow and push them uphill for a mile or two....any volunteers to ride? You're only likely to get dumped on your head a couple hundred times. It'll be fun. ;)

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Laura said...

jason would probably volunteer for wheel barrow rides... so long as he got a turn pushing too! :) ha ha You are going to be BUSY this winter. :)