Monday, November 24, 2008


What...what is this? I have a blog? Oh yeah, I have a blog.

Sorry about my recent hiatus from blogging, but you see I've been taking the off-season very seriously. And by that I mean, take OFF to another country, then take OFF to another state, totally blow OFF all your workouts while you try to recover from your travels, then have nothing to say and no time to say it so just blow OFF blogging too while your at it.

Off-season is going very well.

Truth be told, I had been trying to keep up with at least the speed workouts but managed to catch a nasty cold that put me out of commission just as I was getting back on top of work and whatnot again.

Then came time for the annual trip to Iowa. For four years I've been making the 5+ hour drive to Des Moines for the Living History Farms X-Country Race. I was starting to feel a little better before the trip, but still decided not to do the race. Another addition to the OFF-season accomplishment list, I guess. But I figured running through streams and up muddy embankments for 7-miles in 26-degree weather wasn't really going to help me kick the cold for good, and another week of being sick wasn't something I was interested in dealing with. So when my friends were pulling on their warmest mud-loving clothes Saturday morning, I was happily heading off in search of coffee.

The race has always been an excuse to visit some friends in the area, but this year the visit was all about the friends. So there was ample time to catch up, with no regrets about another glass of wine, and lots of extra energy for shopping (thankfully, because I'm pretty sure I tried on 100 pairs of jeans at Blond Genius!).

I think I'm really starting to get the hang of this off-season stuff.

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