Monday, November 3, 2008

bust out your DayGlo

Hello daylight savings time.....a five o'clock run is in the dark now? Time for my PSA of the day: If you are going to play in traffic, wear something reflective.

There is a little part of the route I ran tonight that is sans sidewalk. Which meant that tonight for about 800 meters I was out running on the road in my little pale yellow t-shirt and grey runner-girl skirt. Way cute, (and quite speedy, I might add -- yes, I believe that what you wear CAN and DOES affect your speed) but not reflective.

Although, fear of getting run down by a car does apparently make me run faster. So I guess there are perks. But I think I'll be digging out my ankle reflectors before I try that again.

Aside from the traffic part, tonight's run was awesome. I am loving these short, fast workouts. I really feel faster. And tonight, I had enough energy left at the end of the run to suggest that a few hill repeats sounded like fun. Yes, fun. I really used that word. And I really did a few hill repeats -- just. for. fun. I don't know what's gotten into me lately.

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