Friday, October 10, 2008

The vacation half marathon

I'm sure I easily walked 13 miles today. Easily. If America were more like Europe we wouldn't have the obesity problem that we have. The car is such a hassle that I ditch it at any opportunity (or available parking stall) immediately and walk.

We walked A LOT today because of my total refusal to move the car once we found a free overnight parking spot. We even hauled our bags about a mile uphill to our hotel because I didn't want to mess with driving around, having to call the police (apparently its routine?) to get let into the square temporarily, and then getting back down to where we parked and hoping a spot would be there.

We also did stairs. 151 steps to the top of Alcazar on the world's oldest stairmaster.
A little sketchy at times but the end of workout reward is well worth it.

Then, after the obligatory siesta (I love a country that naps!), we went out in search of dinner and walked at least four miles so that we could end up eating right across the street from the hotel. Figures. But again, can't complain about the scenery on the hike.

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twiceknit said...

Such fun! I'm jealous. As for the walking...I totally agree. In Scotland, we were walking ridiculous amounts just doing day to day stuff. I took a pedometer the last time and was routinely logging 10+ miles just buying food, running errands, etc. If we went to another town for whatever reason--by train or bus, naturally--that number shot up. At home, I can't even walk to the post office, which is less than half a mile away. What's wrong with this picture?