Monday, October 27, 2008

delayed effect

I'm home.... I think.

For a few days I wasn't quite sure where I was but now I think I have been in one place long enough for my over-extended life to catch up with me and reality is setting in hard.

I'm so, so tired. And I should be. Its just funny to me that it didn't hit me until now. The dark setting in so early now and the cold days are probably not helping this either. But I think going from sunny and 95 in Phoenix to 40 and flurries here is a tough transition no matter how much travel preceded it.

And I'm sore. And again, I should be. Last night was my first strength session after pretty much not working out for three weeks. I tried to take it easy on myself and was actually thinking I had been too easy....until today, the day after. Ouch. Apparently carrying your camera around Europe for week or so doesn't really get you in triathlon shape. And logging almost 50 hours of airport and flight time in 2.5 weeks doesn't build muscle? Huh? Total bummer. I was really hoping I was onto the latest workout craze with that one.

Ah well, its back to life. The workout planning is in full effect. Speedwork picks up again on Wednesday. I'll be able to make the strength sessions now until December. The race schedule has been unexpectedly altered but is in the process of being reworked and nailed down. And road trips to races are in the works for November. So you know....same old, same old. Just the way I like it!

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