Monday, July 12, 2010

In is better than over

This post has been waiting patiently in "draft" status for quite some time now and today is its moment to shine.  Never mind that the events herein happened nearly two weeks ago.  

Its time to play catch-up on the bloggity-blog.  And many other things in life, for that matter.  There are many emails owed, and many phone calls to be returned.  But first I played a little catch-up on sleep.  And then there were the piles of papers to be dealt with.  Piles that have been dominating and rendering useless the surface of my desk since I moved in May and wanted very much not to be moved again in October in pile form.  

I am conquering the "to-do" lists today.  The first day I've had available to do this in quite some time.  But once upon a time, many moons ago (or maybe more like half a moon and a holiday weekend ago?), I had a free day to go hiking with a friend.  

It was lovely.  And long.  Three hours long.  And while I did manage to dunk a foot in the waterfall crossing (it was a tedious balancing act of log and rock jumping), it did not damper the day in the least bit.  The sun was shining.  The views were beautiful.  And we were happy to be out enjoying it all.

The view from the start (my house) --

Getting closer.....

Crossing at the top of the waterfall.....

Standing in the waterfall enjoying the view back toward town.....

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