Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The top of the world

Every now and then, its not a bad idea to do something that makes you feel insignificant, just as a little reminder that you are pretty much a speck of nothing in this big, big world we live in.  Something that lets you see an angle on life that puts the petty stuff in perspective.

Yesterday was my day for that.  A little trip to 13,000 feet, and a little reminder that I most certainly live IN the mountains.  Because this is quite literally my backyard.  This amazing panorama of peaks.  

Not bad, huh?

The trip may have been a little more rewarding had I hiked up there of my own powers.  But it was the end of a long work week for me, so I rode in a 4x4 jeep.  An experience not entirely without some strenuous effort on my part, but with far less cardio (and free time used) than the alternative.  

The end result was the same.  Amazement.  Wonder.  And life put a little bit more in perspective.  And while I may have felt small standing there looking out at the endless mountains before me, I also felt empowered.  Because the world is a big, beautiful place of endless possibility.  Such that if you find yourself at the top of a mountain and somewhat dissatisfied with the view, well, you should remember are many more mountains out there just waiting for you to start climbing.

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