Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There's a Button For That -- It's Called Travel

Sometimes, don't you just need a reset button?

I get antsy if I don't get a change of scenery somewhat regularly, regardless of the spectacular beauty currently in my backyard sometimes I just need to see something different.  So a few weeks ago I got out of town for a night.  One night, that is all.  But one night that was enough to reset all my inner programming and recharge my battery.

One night in a town quite like the one I currently live in....but different.  Because it was NOT my town.  Because there were new faces.  And new mountains.  And once I arrived I took the biggest, fattest, best drool-down-your-face-and-onto-your-arm nap of the decade because there was NO CONSTRUCTION.

Once sleeping beauty awoke from her mid-day slumber...there was sushi.  Dare I say great sushi?  Better than in my little mountain town.  But then maybe travel just heightens the senses and makes everything better?  (although I'm still kinda thinking it was better...)

I was a tourist in my own town.  It was the same social scene but I didn't know ANY of the locals.  Though I got to know a few.  And they welcomed me like family.  Comparing our mountain towns.  Talking about mountain life.  Buying me sake bombs.....(ooops, how did that happen?).

Anyway, it was great.  Just what I needed.  I'm not sure why.  But I'm not questioning it.  Travel just works for me.  Even if its just up the road.

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