Monday, June 14, 2010

Just an average morning hike around here

Snapped a few pics with the camera on my new phone.  I was hoping it would take better pics than my point-and-shoot (it has more megapixels) but I'm not sure it does.  Regardless, the scenery still poses pretty well around here.

Hiked for a solid hour uphill and then made quick time of the downhill because work was calling.  Only saw two mountain bikers and one 4x4 vehicle the entire 90 minutes.  Watched the town bustle with activity below.  The biggest festival of the season is this weekend and everyone's getting ready.  I even stocked up on groceries, for two reasons,

1) when the town is full of tourists the residents -- like me -- are very busy working which means not much time for grocery shopping, and

2) if the town is full of tourists the grocery store is going to be a zoo that I'd really like to avoid.  I think I'll have my fill of humanity with just my regular work week thankyouverymuch.

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