Sunday, January 10, 2010

So much to do.... little winter left.

Its been an amazing past few days.  So much fun, so little time for afternoon out on my own classic nordic ski set up (now that I have poles -- though skate skiing is my new favorite, for sure), a fantastic day on the mountain, a trip to Ouray for the ice climbing festival, some hot tub time, a great dinner out, the crepe cart....I mean, what more could I want in life, really, and the month is just starting.  More visitors are coming, more fun to be had.

The K2 Burnin' Luv's are finally starting to get used like they should be -- with some speed!  (Relatively speaking, of course.  Its still me we're talking about here.  But visitors have confirmed my skiing has seen noticeable improvements.  Sweet!)

Which is good because there are many peaks to conquer this winter.  I mean look at that...its neverending.

And I plan on loving every minute of it -- as you can see.  ;)

And visiting the crepe cart often.

And having a little bubbly in the hot tub when the occasion calls for it....and since I'm not overly discerning about what qualifies as an "occasion" -- that should be often.

Now that I've got the nordic gear hooked up (at least for classic) I've got no excuses for not burning off those bubblicious calories.  And perhaps a crepe.....or twenty.

And I'm hoping there will be a few more fun excursions for events like the one yesterday to Ouray for the Ice Festival.  (maybe more on this in a separate stuff)

And I know there will be many more of these amazing sunsets to enjoy.

So you see, since I've got a very long "to do" list and only a limited number of winter days, you can bet I'll be making the most of all of them.  Lots in store for 2010.  And that's before I've even made any resolutions!

Happy New Year!

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ssjd411 said...

SOOOOOOOOO Jealous!!!! Enjoy!