Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions Pending

So four days before 1.1.01 I was hell bent on getting some resolutions on "paper."  But the thing is, I've been kinda busy living out this big, whoppin' resolution from last these new resolutions, they're not quite done yet.  And by "not quite done," I mean really not even started.

I had the best of intentions.  I climbed into bed the other night, turned on the heating blanket and settled in with pen and paper to jot a few thoughts down.  And then I sat and stared at the paper.  Then I stared at the ceiling.  Then I stared at the wall....then back at the paper.

You see where this is going.

I am struggling with the Resolution 2010 project.  Goals are so much easier when there is that big, seemingly insurmountable task out in front of you.  You have a direction.  You have an end destination that you can break it down into manageable travel segments.  Each part a little box to check off on the road to "holy crap I accomplished that?"  But what happens after you finally get to one of those big "OMG I did that" moments in your life?  What's next?

And so that's where I'm stuck.  I will keep pondering.  I'm not giving up on 2010.  There are many goals to be achieved.  Many boxes to check on that path to a big payoff.  I just need to fit it all together first.  I need to find a way to match up the puzzle piece that I just slid into the big picture with that open space that's left to fill.

I'll get there.  This one just might take some time.

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Laura said...

I think w/ such a big goal from 2009 you can roll that baby over into 2010 for the continuation plan. :)