Monday, January 11, 2010

Its called off-season for a reason

This blog has taken a notable detour from the topic of triathlon.  Clearly.  Which is fine, its off season and all.  And since I'm one to go with the flow when I'm liking the flow of things, lets keep on keepin' on with stuff that has nothing to do with the technical aspects of swim-bike-run, and may be more likely to be associated with why we (or more accurately, I) train for crazy endurance events.

Because I like to eat.

I like healthy stuff and all, but I really like stuff that's nothing but a big pile of empty delicious calories.  And I've never been good at deprivation.  I'm an instant gratification kind-of girl.  If I'm craving it, I'm not holding back.  Hence, the need for marathons, and half Ironmans.  Duh.

Living in the mountains has curtailed this pleasure eating a bit due to simple geography.  Or perhaps because I just haven't yet found many new vices to replace the old ones left behind on the road to my crazy dream.  Well, except the crepe cart....mmmm, the crepe cart.....which brings me to my latest torturous internet find:

This makes me want to go buy a waffle maker, or a ticket to visit my friend in New York who's blessed with having this cart of goodness parked right outside her apartment at the moment.  Because now I will be daydreaming about waffles for weeks.

I wonder if they'd franchise in a small, remote mountain town?  Hmmm....maybe I just found something for the 2010 resolution list?


Becky said...

Me! Me! I'm your girl! My dream is to open a food a stepping stone to my cafe. I can totally do waffles.

manfarr1974 said...

Love this post - I love to eat too! Bad stuff! Good stuff! Yup, that is me. That is why I run marathons and do triathlons too. Very funny blog, love it! Thanks!