Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New York City -- in pictures

Brooklyn Bridge....where I walked waaaay too much the day before the race (I walked there from the south ferries subway station....past wall street, ground zero, etc....then another mile over the bridge....waaay too much walking for the day before a marathon and I was wearing "cute" shoes.  Bad decision all around.)

View from the ferry to the race start.

Times square, where I hobbled around the day after the race.

Chrysler building, hobbled there too, after times square and a stop at Jamba Juice.

Central Park finish chute.

Rockefeller Center.

St. Patrick's cathedral (I really just wanted to sit down, so I went in.)

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Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Nice pics! Am going to NY this weekend& can't wait. Good reminder regarding the "cute shoes". I've done that before prior to a race as well and it sucks. I think I made a trip to get a pair of Rockports (they're actually not bad) and some Clarks after that just for these types of things...