Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vacation Workout Summary

I don't exactly vacation like the average person. Having nothing to do but lay on a beach somewhere terrifies me. My "adventures" (vacation really isn't even accurate terminology) are usually ambitious to the point of exhaustion. This one was no different. So there wasn't a lot of room for the typical "workout" in my travel schedule.

I had good intentions....I really did. But when you try to cram 1300+ miles across three states, two countries, and three or more mountain ranges into 9 days....well, here is the reality:

Day one -- 30 seconds of dodging and weaving through slow travelers on jet way, followed immediately by 30 second all out sprint to gate. Sit for four hours. Then start walking....walking through airport, walking from hotel in search of food, walking all over town. Walking, walking, walking.

Day two -- "Mall" walking (with weight, gradually increasing through workout)

Day three -- Mini sprints (from car to optimal picture taking locations, sporadically throughout 9 hour drive). Then stair intervals with weight (unloading car to upstairs motel room -- we had A LOT of luggage, this totally counts as a workout).

Day four -- Reverse stair intervals with weight (packing car). 4 hours of squats (otherwise known as skiing in the Canadian Rockies). Followed by 5 hours in car as 'cool down'.

Day five -- Woke up a bit tight. Huh, perhaps 5 hour car cool down wasn't the best post-workout activity? Proceed with another four hours of squats (new location in Canadian Rockies). Follow it up with another 5 hour car cool down (its not that I didn't learn my lesson, I just didn't really have a choice).

Day six -- Quads feel like tree trunks. It hurts to get in and out of car. Ibuprofen is my friend. Good thing today is an off day (drive 5 hours...too lazy to even get out of car to take pictures, used sunroof)

Day seven -- I still hobble a bit when I walk but go ahead and proceed with the scheduled 6 hours of squats (otherwise known as Whistler, these were very expensive squats). This time though there is a post workout hot tub. Ahhhh.

Day eight -- Hot tub is nearly magical. Legs feel a little better....at least until first turn. But 6 more hours of squats follow (similar to day seven, not any cheaper). Tried mid-workout beer. Doesn't help legs but improves attitude with respect to pain. Repeat magic hot tub.

Day nine -- Beer and magic hot tub appear to be the elusive cure for legs. Too bad its an off day (drive 8...errr 10 hours due to detour to coast).

Day ten -- off day (flight home)

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