Friday, March 21, 2008

Currently breathing giant sigh of relief

No stress fracture! Tri season '08 is back on!

And I will start training hard again....umm....right after vacation. For the next 9-days I will be "cross training" by searching out secret stashes of powder in British Colombia, and all the best little mountain town breakfast places between Whistler and Fernie.

I'll be getting my quad burn on the 8 mile run at Revelstoke, but any pool time will probably be in hot tub form. Which totally counts if you ask me. ;) I mean sometimes you have to get all the way across the hot tub to refill your drink...that's hard work.

I can't tell if I'm more excited about not having a stress fracture, or leaving on vacation....but really, does it matter? The only thing I need to worry about right now is how many pairs of shoes I can fit in my suitcase.

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