Friday, April 25, 2008

Another post-travel workout week

Tuesday April 15th
Arrived home from DC....very tight hamstrings, big kink in neck, sore from yoga and walking. Decide to take it easy and do a little 2mile run.

Wednesday April 16th
Spend entire evening doing laundry, going through mail and generally getting life back in order. "Order" being relative.

Thursday April 17th
Laura reminds me about this thing called a training plan that we are supposed to be following. I deny any knowledge of said plan but decide to humor her and show up at the gym for a 90 minute ride. 60 minutes of which was a spin class with one of the more annoying instructors I've had. Possession of a microphone does not mean that you are in the running for American Idol. Please, no singing in spin class.

Friday April 18th
off day

Saturday April 19th
Team ride gets cancelled due to weather (wimps, it wasn't that bad) but I head out to run the arb loop with Laura and Kelly (my crazy Ironman friend). 6.1 miles plus the bonus distance between Laura's and the start/finish (mile maybe?). This felt like a really long 6 miles. I'm seriously questioning my ability to be ready for the Madison Half Marathon in five weeks. Hung out at Laura's for a bit after the run so I could see her spectacular blender in action. She whipped me up a great little green smoothie and now I'm convinced I need one of those blenders.

Sunday April 20th
Kelly tries to kill me for 44 miles on the bike. I really need slower friends. And I should really look at the elevation chart before heading out on a ride. Holy hilly-ness!! However, it was an absolutely perfect day for riding. And the views were spectacular (and we sure earned them). I wish I had brought my camera along.

Monday April 21st
Legs are jello. Very needed off day in full effect.

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