Thursday, April 10, 2008

Post-vacation adjustment period

The first week back in the real world wasn't really all that bad, thanks to some spring weather on the home front (finally!).

Wednesday - First glorious outdoor run of the season! Went 4.75 miles and felt like a total rockstar about it. I never want to see the treadmill again.

Friday - Another lovely outdoor run. Perfect, perfect running day. 60 degrees with the sun shining. Too bad this run didn't go quite like the last. I felt pretty wiped out by the whole thing. But got in 5.25 miles. Not so terrible. I have a feeling we pushed the pace a little more on this run. And the long week was probably catching up with me. Our flight Monday got delayed and we didn't get home until 2am. I think I was trying to play catch up on the sleep all week.

Saturday - First outdoor bike ride!! A nice 44-miler. A little windy and a little hilly but nothing too bad. It was so nice to be out on the road. By the end of the ride I was feeling the fatigue in my back and shoulders, but it felt good! I rewarded myself with a big fat two hour nap when I got home. What a perfect start to the weekend.

Sunday - I think that fatigue caught up with me. I was wiped Sunday. And the knee that had been bothering me on the hills, was now really hurting. I decided this seemed like a good recipe for a rest day.

Monday - Nice little 35 minute swim. I haven't been in the pool in quite a while and I was feeling it. Not that I got really tired, just that I couldn't quite find a good flow to my stroke. Things just didn't click. But the water felt good on the legs.

Tuesday - Pilates/yoga class at the gym. They call it "Fuzion". I don't understand the need for the "z", but whatever. Not strenuous but a really great stretch. This instructor seemed to be more pilates based. Which was good because I was squeezing this in at lunch and that way I didn't sweat too much. I've taken this class with other instructors and thought my limbs were going to fall off.

Wednesday - 30 mile post-work bike ride. It wasn't as warm as I had hoped (high of 48 during the day). And temps dropped quickly through the ride. So this ended up to be a pretty painful 30 miles. I didn't get really cold until I'd been home for about 10 minutes; then I couldn't stop shivering. I think it took me that long to thaw out and realize how cold I was. Then after throwing on a fleece hat, hooded sweatshirt, and crawling under a down comforter, I also got really hungry. I ended up eating a full pasta order from Noodles and was feeling a little guilty about it until I went to and realized that I burned at least 1100 calories. Sweet. Love biking. Love it. Not loving the persistent knee pain, but I'll whine about that later....


twiceknit said...

Welcome back to you, too! It's funny, most people would be recovering from vacation antics of the not-so-healthy kind. I'm in awe of you. I can't even run around the block!

twiceknit said...

Love the blog name, by the way!