Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pigs are flying....

Full post about my awesome race weekend coming soon. For now, just know that there were major race breakthroughs happening, in spite of the fact that Lake Michigan hates me (4-foot waves breaking right over the swim course -- awesome).

People, I am officially a mid-pack racer! I came out of the water MID. PACK. Like I could SEE THE LEADERS. And then I proceeded to move up 17 places in my age-group during the bike leg putting me in the top 25% coming into T2. WHAT?!

But then, just to keep me humble...I totally bit it getting into the pool last night and had to ice my bottom after the workout. Sporting a very large bruise on "cheek" at the moment. So no need to worry that I'm going to get all cocky and confidant about my athletic abilities. I may have conquered Lake Michigan, but I can still get taken down by a set of stairs.

Next mission. Conquer laundry before leaving for North Carolina Thursday.

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