Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Along for the ride

Hey everyone, c'mon along for my Wednesday ride! We're doing 30 miles, you might want to grab some water.

I was looking forward to this ride all day....which is odd for me....but the idea of burning off 1500 calories on a weeknight is very motivating for me these days (more on this in another post). It drizzled most of the day but about an hour before the ride the clouds parted and the sun peeked out as if to say "hello, dear is your reward for slaving away in your cube-hole all day."
I was meeting up with my speedster friend a couple miles from my house. Right here at this intersection, where there are two stop signs. I would really like to know why there are two stop signs at this intersection. Anyone? And, I drive this road a fair amount, why have I never noticed this before?

I'm early. I've got time to kill. I took some pictures. This is my gigantic new watch. Notice how it takes up a very good portion of my arm. I'm not even going to start on the tan lines that seem inevitable.

And here's my lil' bike. bike is badly in need of some TLC. Which is why it is currently in the back of the car and headed to the "bike spa" very soon. Which reminds me, I should go make sure my car is locked.....

And yes, there were cows. This IS Wisconsin. And, um, if I may....I think these cows look quite happy thankyouverymuchCalifornia.....and content. Not to mention adorable. And quite friendly all lined up along the fence to greet us. So, um, there.
And then there were some hills. *Disclaimer - hills in picture may be MUCH LARGER than they appear. (and I think they still look pretty big in the pictures)
And some more hills.....

But then there was this sweet reward....I'm sure the picture does it no justice, but after a nice big set of climbing we were rewarded with an entire road of downhill, end to end....on SMOOTH NEW PAVEMENT. Ahhh, such a sweet reward indeed. Like flying....but, you know, with the chance that you could hit a rock and go flying over your handle bars. But still totally blissful.

But then, a few more hills....shortly after reaching this summit, both bikers and the camera went into serious bonk mode. But the ride was totally worth it. Such a great night out on the bike. Perfect calm, cool weather. Sun setting. Good company. What a great Wednesday! Hope you enjoyed the "ride." I sure did!

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Dano said...

Hope you're having lots of fun with your new Garmin!