Thursday, August 28, 2008

Remembering what you forgot

The email request came through....and without even thinking I was looking at my week and scheduling a ride. Something I used to do so often that the actions of planning were effortlessly routine.

If only the biking could be so effortless after weeks of delinquency.

Last night I enjoyed an easy two hours of riding that was more about just being on the bike than how fast the bike was moving. Which is good, because I wasn't moving very fast. And as we rolled along toward the country roads on the edge of town I was cursing myself for being such a slacker and letting all the fitness of early summer just evaporate.

But the beauty of routine, is that you can always return to it...adjust it...and make it what you need. Last night's ride was a great reminder to not let those things that you love fall prey to the other nonsense that creeps into your life.

One simple ride, that's all it took, to remind me that I need the time on the bike as much as I need the remind me of the me that I knew a few months ago...and even a few years ago. And why I need to give that part of me what it needs to stay happy, to make everything else in life a little easier.

Rides are so much more than workouts. They are therapy. Our training partners the therapists. Philosophy on two wheels. A road of stories, interrupted by hills for pondering perspective and challenge. Life simplified, if only temporarily.....but what a wonderful break from reality.

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Laura said...

Amen to that! Glad I could solve all of your life's problems. Ha ha Next time we work on mine! hee hee Have a great trip.