Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Notes from yesterday

I busted out some of my least favorite running shorts last night and found a remnant from times gone by....times when I used to run far enough so as to need to stop at convenience stores and replenish my food/water supplies.....*surprise* $5 in the pocket. Sweet! Too bad I still hate those running shorts. Which may be why I could not be motivated to go for an actual run in my running shorts last night.

However, there is another likely culprit in the "Who's sucking all the motivation out of my workout life lately" mystery -- allergies. They are HORRIBLE right now and it seems every last bit of energy I have is going toward defending my body from the evils of ragweed.

I also tried to give up caffeine yesterday. That was a very bad and short-lived idea. Because caffeine is a necessary weapon in my ongoing battle with ragweed. As is my new best friend Fexofenadine.

And as a parting thought in this completely random assortment of thoughts from yesterday....if ever there was a time to eat cantaloupe, the time is now. Tis the season to be stopping at the little farmer stands in parking lots here in the Midwest and O-M-G is it worth it. You never knew cantaloupe could be so good. Try it.

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