Monday, August 4, 2008

Manitowoc -- an oceanside city right here in the midwest

Ahh, weekends away.....aren't they great? And doesn't this seriously look like it could be the ocean? This is what the Scenic Shore 150 would have looked like had it not been totally fogged in the weekend of the ride.

We ended up with great weather this weekend. Spent some time on the Mariner's Trail. Pretty much rode our bikes anywhere we needed to go. And just generally enjoyed ourselves.

Notice I did not say anything about running. There was no running. I packed not one, but TWO running outfits and didn't run once (I actually do this a lot more than I care to admit to). So, um, that new "motivated workout" thing....that starts today. Really. Today. No more excuses.

And after eating four-course B&B breakfasts for two days and following up bike rides with homemade ice cream at the old fashioned candy shop....I NEED to run or those new running shorts aren't going to fit me when I do get around to wearing them!

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