Saturday, July 12, 2008

Meet Tomorrow's Interval Training

I am predicting intervals of crippling quad-burn interspersed with periods of gasping for oxygen. Or....we could take the "cush" tourist trail....2 miles and only 150 feet of elevation change. I'm guessing we'll end up somewhere between summiting and dodging the strollers and wheelchairs.

Vacation workouts rock!

(and incidentally so does the weather here in the NW ....rain? hasn't rained once in 6 days! just look at that blue sky over Rainier)

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twiceknit said...

I just got back from Scotland, where we started most days with 8-10 mile hikes. So not what I usually do at home, but it was great. It makes me feel virtuous to say that I walked to another town.

We're now planning for either a walking or biking trip across Scotland at some later point. Even being nowhere near your normal VACATION schedule, much less your normal workout schedule, this will actually require training from us. I'm excited about it.