Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Still kickin'

**while you're waiting for the inevitable poo-posts to come, here is a little ditty I wrote over a week ago but didn't have a chance to publish before my social life came calling that Friday**

Went to the gym. Yup. The gym. Apparently no one goes to the gym on Friday night because the place was a blissful ghost town.

Spent an hour on the "dread"mill flipping between current world affairs and The Housewives of Orange County. Found both equally depressing. Pondered what would happen if they made the housewives talk politics. Was amused by that idea for about five seconds, then decided that was actually pretty depressing too.

So, you know. Life just keeps kickin' along. Ho-hum.

Spring is trying to "sprung" itself here in the midwest (hopefully) and holy crap do we need it. OK, I need it. I don't even care that I might not get another ski day this winter THAT is how much I need more daylight hours and open-toe shoes. (Though I'd be lying if I said I wasn't trying to squeeze a few more ski days out of the winter. I've got free lift tickets to use for cryin' out loud. FREE LIFT TICKETS.)


I actually went for a run outside after work this week and it wasn't a miserable cold slog in the dark. In fact, it was quite pleasant.

Yes. I need spring.  I need to see flowers powering up out of the cold, barren earth. I need a reminder that out of the abyss of winter there can be life again. I need to know that things you thought were dead can come back stronger and more beautiful than you even remembered them to be in the past.

I need to ride my bike.


Becca said...

I love Friday-gym-ghost town. Somehow doesn't feel so clausterphobic. I think I am the only person left on the planet who still doesn't know what "Real Housewives" is, but from everything I have heard/read, it does sound slightly depressing.

Spring will be there before you know it. Sounds like you are going to welcome her with a healthful eating regime. I should follow suit, as I have not quite abandoned my preggo eating habits...and my kid is 4.5 months old...

Becky said...

Come visit - the daffodils have been up for weeks, the tulips about to open, cherry blossoms in full bloom. Granted, it's only 50 and rainy, but we have flowers!