Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And she's off.....again

Five days in Utah are next on the agenda. With a local "tour guide" who only recently moved to the area, I might finally be able to keep up on the mountain. Though that's not to say I'll be slacking. As it stands right now we're scheduled for four solid days of skiing. In a row. My quads will hate me. But they'll get over it.

Good thing I had that two week trip to Colorado to get me ready. ;)

But my rib is feeling better, and though my knee has been hurting a bit (did I mention my little me vs. the snowboarder chairlift debacle that tweaked my knee??) I think it should hold out for the weekend.

So bring it on Utah!

And, if I do end up injured, or exhausted, or otherwise unable to motivate to get to a happens to be opening weekend of the Sundance Film Festival, so I shouldn't be bored.

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