Monday, September 22, 2008

Where do I find this stuff?

I have no idea how I came across this but these people are NUTS....that, or maybe they just don't have any of the open water phobias that I do. But seriously???


You couldn't pay me enough to jump off the back of a ship in the dark in the middle of a fjord in Norway. I don't care how awesome the race tshirt is.

Though I have to admit I like the mindset of the race director. The website said this about him:

"Hårek used to be the slowest long distance triathlete in Norway. Instead of training harder, he decided to try to recruit other slow moving sportsmen. First he found the most beautiful and hilly part of Norway, and then he invited them to do the toughest triathlon on earth. This is the history of Norseman."

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Laura said...

Looks hella intimidating, but kinda cool. Maybe after I have like 10 years of tri experience under my belt... how about for our 40th bdays!? ha ha